Philip’s 15 minute stories (usually) are witty tales of pleasing idiocy about absolutely anything he has happened to dream up. See Forthcoming Shows for the 2024 tour dates of his stories show Does He Really Do More Of That...?! Mostly the stories are for grown-ups (16+), but he does have a rather good one about a singing slug for primary school children. Here's a taste of some of them:

The Captain - follows an old sea dog as he seeks to escape from the merciless stereotypes of pirate life by recruiting an unlikely new crew for a violence-free expedition.


Mrs Brownlow’s Daughter - reveals the bizarrely amusing lengths a mother will go to in search of celebrity status for daughter Kylie – and the bizarrely inventive solution that Kylie discovers to allow her to escape her mother’s ambitions.


That Question tracks an embarrassed dad straying ever more deeply into awkwardness in responding to his son's question about where he came from. 


Being a Parent - follows the increasingly disconcerting experiences of the facilitator of a parenting class who discovers that she has the most unlikely group of mothers ever gathered together.


Decisions, Decisions - amusing autobiograhical reconsideration of how unprepared we may be to make the biggest decision of our lives (plus a load of stuff about football).


Trog and Kron Almost Get It Right - introduces the cultural misadventures of two alien visitors getting to grips with Britain and Network Rail.


Trog and Kron Attempt to Re-fuel - more adventures with the hapless aliens trying to get their stocks of body fuel replenished at the supermarket.


The Tea Lady - traces the emergence into new-found happiness of the taken-for-granted club cricketer's wife as she invests her emotions in the matchday teas and a new member of the team.


Science, Steve and The Real World - schoolboy Steve's misadventures with biology, physics and chemistry.


Striking Gold - exploring the mystery of a solitary man who repeatedly receives unidentified gifts of money through the post.


The Restaurant - recounts the awkward outcome when a restaurant, attempting to attract more customers, plays host to a writer who reads his own 'entertaining' stories.....


Sparks - co-written and co-read, tracking the unexpected consequences of the dinner party from Hell for a too-long married couple and their friends.


Brief Encounter - a touching and laugh-out-loud tale of one man's first love and his first encounter with a Lingerie Department.


Outside the City Walls - the amusing perils of struggling with Latin - both at school and particularly if you happen to live in ancient Rome........


Roger, The Singing Slug of Stroud (or wherever actually!) - warm and funny children's tale of a belittled slug who triumphs through his unlikely talent.


That Summer - a laugh-out-loud takedown of the dreamy chick lit beach-read. 


Clyne - a two and half minute piece of flash fiction, not quite as brooding as it seems, written for a 'Noir' themed evening.

Philip reads frequently at Stroud Short Stories and was a regular at Story Fridays in Bath. He has read at many of the annual Stroud Theatre Festivals, The Green Man Festival and at Croissant Neuf Festival. He played a sell-out show at The Nailsworth Festival in 2021. The stories have also appeared in his one man show Celebrity Love Hero and (Reasonably) Great Sporting Moments, and at The Cheltenham Everyman Studio Theatre.  


His story Drive - about love and driving lessons - won the 2015 Gloucestershire Writers Network prize and was read at The Cheltenham Literature Festival. In Captivity, featuring a dialogue between two meerkats, won the same prize in 2022.


If you’d like him to appear and read you his stories for your own event or private gathering, either alone or with a fellow writer, click here for Gig in the House.


Read Mrs Brownlow’s Daughter or hear Philip reading it here.


Mrs Brownlow’s Daughter: ' ... is original, witty, topical and full of insight. At the outset it is surely impossible for anyone to guess where the bizarre but imaginative twist will take this highly entertaining story. And Philip has the voice for story telling - nobody could tell Philip's stories the way Philip tells them!'

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